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Anthony Santiago, Chief Execute Officer and Co-Founder of Access for America
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"If you are listening to this then you are in the position to engage one of America’s best marketing leaders. My name is Anthony Santiago, and I have worked with Wayne for the better part of two decades. In my position, as Chief Execute Officer and Co-Founder of Access for America, I work for many Not for Profit and government organizations. Regardless of the culture, Wayne and his IMMG team members manage to navigate the terrain and gain acceptance and see their work commitments through. For me, IMMG creates value through speed, technology and creative thought. Together, we have built companies from the ground up. I have elicited his guidance in many For Profit endeavors as well as many Not for Profit and public sector concerns. His dexterity and the skill set Wayne Marnell and IMMG utilize help to ensure that my interests reach a sustainable critical mass and market brand saturation. Wayne and IMMG have been invaluable, reliable and trustworthy as a marketing firm and trusted advisor. IMMG’s innovative approach to marketing and management has lead to many high tech marketing campaigns and solutions. From attention grabbing contact with my executive committee to producing innovative ideas for mass campaigns, IMMG has always had the appropriate cutting edge tools and ideas. In the final analysis, knowing Wayne Marnell for the past two decades and the decision to utilize IMMG would come with my highest recommendation and would put you in a position of success. "


R. G. Stratt, MD, FACCP
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"Dr. Stratt, I'm President and Medical Director of Body Care Center for Advanced Rejuvenation, located in Fort Lauderdale. I do primarily cosmetic medical and surgical procedures. Wayne was instrumental in his marketing campaign and helped me achieve a level of success very early on in my business. A lot of my success I owe to Wayne and IMMG. He not only developed a very nice and excellent website, he helped me with my email campaigns as well as my mailing campaigns. I'd recommend Wayne very highly. "


Sherri Klein, President of
"Hello, this is Sherri Klein with I've known Wayne for over a year. We've worked together very closely on putting together a very creative and comprehensive website that will help sell my number-one health and nutrition product, called OPC-3. OPC-3 has many different facets to it, including medical testimonies and it was quite a challenge to get everything up on one site. Wayne and his team did an incredible job of formatting it, making it user-friendly and they were absolutely thorough in every regard. He was always very reliable, responsive, responsible, and working as a real partner to help me grow this business. I will be forever grateful to Wayne and his team at IMMG."


Rich Mendelson, President of CME
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"...Wayne and IMMG took my business from idea to plan to reality! He has guided me every step of the way and offered sage and seasoned advice. His team has been original, timely and dedicated to my success and the end result has been spectacular! Every step of the process has been meaningful and added to my cache and business development, I couldn't be more pleased with IMMG and I'm sure to be with them throughout my career."
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